The MBA Program Is Aimed at Graduates in Any Discipline


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The MBA program is aimed at graduates in any discipline with no experience or with one or two years of experience, requiring a comprehensive training in business management for the efficient development of management functions in companies or institutions.


The essential purpose of this program is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills that enable them to effectively exercise managerial functions in companies and institutions. Arguably, the development of management functions requires a knowledge of the tools and systems for planning and overall business management, as well as policy definition by function. However, this knowledge must be complemented with the development of management skills that foster the capacity for analysis and decision making, leadership and communication, and attitudes towards creativity and entrepreneurship. As to highlight the specific objectives, introduce students to the business world, from conceptual knowledge to practice. Acquire and use knowledge management tools and basic of all functional areas of business, sales and marketing, finance, human resources, operations, Necessary for business management. Develop and enhance the skills of thinking and analysis and synthesis necessary to acquire an overview of the business and the company as an integrated unit. Develop personal and interpersonal skills to promote optimal performance of the workforce. Strengthen communication and negotiation skills in complex and changing environments. Develop and enhance abilities to work together efficiently. Understand that efficient management is always based on cooperation and support of people working at all levels of the organization. Know the steps needed to start a business, developing a business plan or business plan.


The MBA is the result of a proven didactic plan for the development of skills, policies and techniques, sage favorable formulation and coherent action plans that take into account the company as a whole. The view is inclusive, above the mere consideration of each party. The programming is developed through sessions that combine the presentation of concepts and methodologies for the preparation and discussion of numerous case studies by students. The case method provides a way of acquiring learning. The cases are much more examples for the understanding of a particular model or theory, are descriptions of actual business situations, more or less complex, which serve as a basis for discussion rather than a paradigm of what should be done. In all sessions is encouraged student participation, teamwork and sharing of experiences, to provide an orientation program practical. The box consists of professions managers and specialists in different areas and course contents, which have extensive experience in both teaching and work. The programming attempts to reproduce real situations of corporate governance, with an intense dedication to teamwork. Participants are divided into formal working groups of no more than nine members intentionally heterogeneous and complementary. In each group study and discuss cases daily in preparation for the general sessions. The structuring of work in teams is autonomous and free.

Admission Process

To enroll in any graduate courses, carries out a process of selection and admission of candidates based on the actualization of personal interviews, whose mission is compressional the level of training and or proven experience to guarantee results the adequacy of the group of attendees. During this process, our academic leadership advice and guidance regarding the content and methodology and programming idea about the suitability of the business interests of each candidate.

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