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Tallahassee is situated in Leon County and is the capital of Florida. It is the 133rd biggest city in all of the USA with a population of just over 171,000. The Tallahassee metropolitan area population is estimated to be well over 350,000.

Tallahassee is a vibrant city with a great youthful exuberance. It is the unofficial home of Florida’s secondary education. Florida State, Florida A&M and Keiser University all call the city home. Economically, the Tallahassee area is quite diverse and cutting edge. While the rest of the country is locked into a recession, Tallahassee has actually been growing its manufacturing and high tech business sectors.

All of this makes Tallahassee a great and exciting place to live. On the down side, it also makes the city one of the tougher places to safely drive in.

There were over 5500 car accidents in Leon County during 2008. Leon County has over 200 car accidents per 100 million miles driven. That ratio would make it the second most dangerous area in Florida to drive in after Miami-Dade. To put this into perspective, a driver in Tallahassee is about 60% more likely to get in an accident than other Florida residents for every mile they drive.

Of special note to those traveling in Tallahassee is the dangerous intersections that reside in the city. The most dangerous of all of these is the corner of Oak Plantation and Thomasville Road. Drivers are constantly ignoring the turning lane rules, and many accidents have been caused. The city is aware of the problem, and is currently trying to figure out how to make it safer. Red light cameras have not yet been used in the Tallahassee area, although other similar sized communities in Florida have begun to use them to cut down on intersection accidents.

It is statistics and dangers like this that makes having suitable insurance whe driving in Talllahassee that much more important.

Like most States – auto insurance in Florida is mandatory. If you own a vehicle with at least 4 wheels and registering it – you need to have Florida Insurance. The minimum coverage is $10 000 for both personal injury protection and property damage liability. When driving in dangerous areas like Tallahassee it is recommended to go above those numbers when getting insurance coverage.

Florida is known as a “no fault” state but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about who caused any accidents you are involved in. Every insurance policy is required to cover the first $10 000 in hospital expenses and lost wage – that is what makes it “no fault”. The reality is, in most serious accidents – lost wages and hospital expenses will easily climb over that $10 000 mark.

Paying attention to your surroundings, taking a defensive driving course and being properly insured will make sure you can enjoy your time in Tallahassee, one of the countries most beautiful cities. Safe driving!

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