One Year Online Degrees – For Whom Are They More Beneficial?


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For those who are working full time yet seeking to further their education at the same time, one year online degrees are just the right thing. They may also find that their work experience is an added qualification where credit is offered if the work they have carried out so far in their jobs are related to the same field as the degree they are applying for.

How to decide if One year Online Degrees are the right thing for you

Anyone who wants to further their career or even get into a business will find a degree very useful. With there beings many fields of learning and business you have to think of your goals and what you hope to achieve once you get your degree. If you are already in the line of accounting and finance, then you can join an accredited online college or if you hope to start your own business, a one year online degree in marketing will help you go forward. You might even want to improve your status in your present employment by taking a degree in leadership or business management or even in careers like teaching or nursing if you have a yen for it and hope to start a new career once you get your degree.

What are the Advantages of One Year Online degrees?

The usual university degree courses require many years to complete and since these are full time courses, it is not possible for an individual to do his degree and work at the same time. One year online degrees however, takes only one year and you may also work full time while studying for your degree which is a great advantage for housewives, and those who are already doing a good job but wish to further their careers with more qualifications. Another great benefit of the one year online degree is that the class times are extremely flexible with the student being able to select the time that is most convenient to him without ever leaving his home or download the lessons through the internet and study whenever possible.

What qualifications are Required to Get an Online degree?

All you need is a high school diploma or a G.E.D. If you are fortunate enough to have some previous college credits or work experience related to the same field as your degree, these can be set off against your degree qualifications in order to shorten the time you need to spend online for one year online degrees. The time taken to complete the degree, depends on the student concerned and how much hours per week he’s willing to put into it.

How does One apply for One Year Online degrees?

Once you have decided on the type of one year online degree you want, do some research and see what accredited universities are there who has your course. Most colleges are ready to accept students year round and once you have got yourself enrolled, you should be able to start your work immediately since most colleges make their courses available to the students to be downloaded as soon as they are enrolled.

With an online degree from an accredited university under your collar, there will be more opportunities available for you for advancement in the current job you are holding or to follow a different path that you find more to your liking.

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