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Many people have started college but have never finished. For many of us, other things come up in life, or it simply isn’t the right time to be in school. Whatever the case, a lot of us end up with some college credit but no degree. This is all fine for our personal knowledge and growth, however without that degree it won’t get you very far when trying to get a job, or when applying for a promotion. It is possible to complete your undergraduate degree online, using some of the credit that you have already earned.

There are several programs available to do this. Colorado State University is one school that offers a program specifically for people who have some college credit and want to finish school and get a degree, all online. Finishing your degree online gives you the opportunity to finish your degree from a distance, and also on your own time. Most of us don’t have the time availability to just stop working and go back to school full time, so this is a great opportunity for anyone looking to complete an undergraduate degree.

By completing your degree, studies have shown that you will earn more money and will be more likely to stay employed. These benefits paired with your overall increased base of knowledge, as well as the opportunity to go on and complete a higher degree are some of the major reasons to get a college degree. Especially in today’s economy, things are very competitive and anything you can do to put yourself above your competition will help you get to where you want to go faster.

Even if you began your college studies in a field that doesn’t closely match one of the available online degree completion programs, you can still typically apply your core class credit to the degree to get a head start. Typically any undergraduate degree requires a certain amount of core work that you most likely already have some credit towards if you spent some time going to school. Take some time, do some research and contact some of the online degree completion organizations you find in order to feel out which program would fit your needs the best.

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July 2022