Associate Degree in Homeland Security


Everyone who lives in their community wants to feel safe and protected. Ever since the tragic events of September 11th, 2001 people’s fears in terrorism attacks and safety in general have elevated. Because of this, the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security occurred and jobs in this field have significantly increased. The Department of Homeland Security was designed to more effectively handle the threats of terrorism attacks in the United States and all around the world by coordinating activities of different branches of our government. Also, someone with a degree in this field can become an emergency response worker, fire fighter, or any other similar career. What is so important about this career is that you will learn about all the threats that are endangering our community today and how to handle them quickly, correctly, and professionally. Working with an emergency response team is exhilarating and rewarding as well. Because of the growing amount of threats in today’s society, the number of emergency specialists is increasing faster than predicted, meaning there will be more jobs available in this field. If you are ready for a challenge, think quickly, and are passionate about saving the lives of others, an associate degree in homeland security would be a great option for you.

There are many great jobs you can perform with an associate degree in homeland security. An associate degree will prepare you for many entry level positions in the security field. These jobs are available everywhere, in the air, land, or sea. Most homeland security jobs are for the government, but there are many private companies and nonprofit organizations that offer employment as well. You may be interested in working for citizenship and immigration services, or even being a contract specialist for the U.S. Coast Guard. You’ll be keeping America safe by knowing who is coming into our country firsthand. Border patrol agents work physically around the boundaries of our country. This is crucial because we want to prevent illegal entry in our country as much as possible. The less illegal immigrants we have in our country, the safer we feel. We need homeland security workers to help keep America as safe as possible, from emergency situations to deciding who gets to enter our country and who stays outside our borders.

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July 2022